Here’s a list of 3 things I did and didn’t choose to do this year in my Business so it helps and inspires you moving forward in 2020 and the upcoming years.

3 Things I didn’t do:

1. Didn’t conduct group programs – which I had been for the past two years. Although it went well and my coaching clients were getting results, I choose not to because – I don’t want it to be completely self-study course, I want to be there for them for accountability and support which I knew I wouldn’t be able to this year as my focus was something else.

2. Didn’t create Live Videos for FB although I love providing value and content to my audience (apart from the value posts)

3. Didn’t download and purchase N number of freebies and courses for it to be just left untouched and forgotten.

Instead I did these 3 things:

1️⃣ I focused only on my one-on-one clients (done-for-you service) to deliver High converting Brands, Websites, Sales Funnel and Launch Designs so their technical side of Business is taken care of with full support. + my graphic design course on auto-pilot

I focused on creating valuable content only for the social media where I am finding my ideal clients + a new platform where I got clients from unexpected. So I’m working more on that.

Invested in one Incredible and Profitable course that I knew would work for years to come and I had a breakthrough experience with my Breakthrough Brand – a program that I had launched during the course which did really well and enrolled pay-in-full clients.This program is something that I’ll always Treasure and always keep going back and implementing it to bring in more such amazing results to my Business.

And… Guess what… I was able to double my income this year + had the biggest ???? month in Business so far.

You don’t have to do it all to achieve successfocus on one and keep working towards it till you succeed. ????????

 Let me know what 3 things are you’re choosing to FOCUS on for 2020? I’d love to know.