If you’re using WordPress.or for your website, here are six ways to keep your site secure:

6 ways to secure your WordPress Website:

1️⃣ Easy one first – don’t set your username as admin.  Set it as anything else you like. Alphanumeric or text works best

2️⃣ Run malware scans or security checks

3️⃣ Take a backup of your site regularly. You can use UpdraftPlus backups (for WordPress) if your hosting provider doesn’t offer this solution

4️⃣ Use 2-factor authentication (optional)

5️⃣ Keep the softwares and plugins up-to-date. Or hire a VA to do this for you. Make sure to backup before updates.

6️⃣ And use a strong password. I know this is a simple step but very essential.

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