An in-depth look at this Brand experience & Web design project we worked on with Simply Smarter Numbers

What we covered:

Brand Identity & Website Package
– Brand Strategy
– Brand Identity
– Marketing Collateral
– Website Design

About Simply Smarter Numbers:

Simply Smarter Numbers is founded by The Watersons – Husband and Wife Duo.  Business Profit Strategizers and CPA’s.  They help business owners like you who are ready to master their numbers know-how and achieve more profit, intelligently.

1. Brand Strategy and MoodBoard:

2. Logo Design

3. Marketing Collateral

4. Website Design & Development

5. Brand Board


Salma was a dream to work with. She was so committed to creating the perfect website, so committed in fact that you’d think she was working on her own website! Salma was reliable, she took all of my feedback and worked with me to create exactly what I wanted.

Salma did everything she said she would and more.  On top of that, her design skills were amazing – something that I really needed help with. Thank you so much for taking what was in my mind and making a reality! I can highly recommend Salma.”

Jen Waterson

Business Profit Coach, Simply Smarter Numbers

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