An in-depth look at this brand experience & web design project we worked on with Leigh D. Walker, Artist

What we covered:

Brand Identity Package
– Brand Strategy
– Brand Design
– Marketing Collateral

About Leigh D. Walker:

Leigh D Walker is a very talented Artist who has a really varied style: highly figurative, figurative with abstract elements, completely abstract, quirky and cute images etc. She was trained in a very traditional art school/university and really value the core skills of drawing and painting. She came to us to rebrand her Business to be the go-expert in all things ART, where she will sell her art prints, drawings, books, training and everntually sell Courses and start Podcast on Creativity & Art. 

1. Brand Strategy: 

We began the project by a 30-min Brand Consultation call. Once we were clear on what she required, we started off by having Leigh fill the detailed Brand Questionnaire. Although she had her business running before, we wanted to get a clear idea about her Business, Goals, long-term plans, etc. And also to help her get super clear on the foundation of her brand in terms of Services, audience, etc.

We then worked together on a collaborative secret Pinterest board to get an idea of how she visually images her Brand. Once this was done, we started working on the Moodboard (based on the strategy, questionnaire and visual board) to show her the Vibe and feel of her Brand. Upon approval, we were ready for the Design Phase.

2. Logo Design

Leigh already had a logo but it didn;t convery anything about her brand and was quikly designed without any thought about marketing, ideal customers etc. She was looking to have a logo that expresses her brand and personality more accurately and effectively and will therefore attract the right sort of customer for her. 

Based on the Questionnaire and Moodboard, we presented 4 different concepts (each of which had Main Logo, Alternate Logo and Submarks) with a homework for Leigh asking what exactly we wanted to hear back from her as Feedback. 

Leigh immeditaly liked one of the concepts but finalizing, she wanted to have a quick look at another possible revised version (based on the initial  concepts). With this, Leigh was super happy and we helped choose the apt Design for her Brand. 

3. Marketing Collateral

For Leigh, we had to design both her Web Elements and Marketing elements since she sells physical art products. For the Web Elements, we designed – Social Media Cover, Instagram Templates, Blog Templates, Newsletter Headers. For Marketing, we designed – E-book (for her opt-in), Thank you Cards and Stickers for packaging. 


“I loved working with Salma! She is so easy to talk to and was very quick to grasp where I wanted to go with my brand. As an artist, I was very demanding about how my branding looked and Salma was wonderfully patient with all my requests to try different variations. She was always quick to respond to requests and was great at making sure she and I were ‘on the same page’. When I opened up her initial branding designs, I just fell in love with one of them immediately – I looked at it and thought “That’s me!’. I couldn’t be happier!

Leigh D Walker

Artist, Leigh D Walker

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