An in-depth look at this Brand experience & Design project we worked on with Sarah Marie Anderson, Conversion Copywriter

What we covered:

Brand Identity Package
– Brand Strategy
– Brand Design
– Marketing Collateral

About Sarah M. Anderson:

Sarah is a Conversion-focussed Sales Page and Email copywriter. She writes high-converting email copy using a proprietary process based on studies in human decision-making to help her clients get results and sell their programs and courses.

1. Brand Strategy & MoodBoard: 

2. Primary and Alternate Logo Design

3. Marketing Collateral

4. Brand Board


I’m in love with my new branding! Before working with you, I tried to DIY everything. But I ended up with jumbled and disjointed branding that didn’t look cohesive or professional.

I’m blown away by the work you did. It’s the perfect mix of bold and feminine — exactly what I was going for (and WAY better than I could ever attempt to do myself.) And it feels 100% like me. I’m finally excited to put my business out there!

You made the whole process so simple for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for design or branding help. You’re an expert at what you do and it shows in every step of the process. Thank you so much!”

Sarah Marie Anderson

Conversion Copywriter

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