Here’s my Brand Design process and the steps I cover while working with my client… You can learn more about it here. And you can schedule a Free Consultation call here.

1. Inquiry and Consultation

Inquiry and Consultation call to get to know more about their business goals and project requirements. Most of the clients who schedule the call with me learn about my process, pricing and servces I offer in my website so it’s easier for them to connect and explain.

2. Research and Outline

In this step I Outline the project details and flow. Based on which I’ll submit the Custom Design Proposal via email as a PDF format.

3. Client onboarding

This stage includes:

  • creating and signing the Digital Contract,
  • Client Portal and Management System (I use Google Drive and Asana)
  • and Comprehensive Questionnaire

I also provide a short video to welcome them + behind the scenes explaining how we’re gonna collaborate and work together in the project.

4. Brand identity design

Once after the onboarding phase and questionnaire is done, I start working on the Design phase. Starting with

  • creating the Moodboard and Color Palette
  • logo concepts,
  • alternate designs,
  • digital and printed marketing materials.

4. Website design & Development

Once Logo, color scheme, fot snad other brand elements are designed and approved, I move forward with the Website design process.

If my client already has a Live site online, I work on localhost and share video mockups using Loom which makes life so much easy.

Once all page designs are approved, I transfer the site LIVE and work on optimization and testing which includes:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Google analytics integration
  • Sitemap submission
  • Image optimization
  • Links checker
  • Backup

If it’s a new Website, I work on the hosting and domain mapping, put up a Coming Soon Page for them and start working on the design and development. 

5. Post-Launch support

After the site is launched, I provide 2-week Post Launch support, if they require any minor changes, backup and maintainence. 

6. Client Offboarding

And the last step is Client Offboarding. I provide all Final File with Video Training and a Personalized gift. I make sure this gift reaches at the time of their Launch (so I order ir prior).

What steps do you follow and which steps are you gonna work on?