Making a website is easy. Building an effective website is hard.

Well, the truth is: You don’t need a web designer to build a website, but is DIYing your website the right way around this?

If you’re simply looking to set up a basic website and you have the time and interest in doing so yourself, you do not need a web designer. In fact, there are many wonderfully helpful resources available to guide you through how to design your own Website.

That said, there are also times it may make sense to hire a professional web designer.

You may need a web designer if,

✨ You’d like to customize anything beyond what’s offered in standard templates.

✨ You’ve got some special design tweaks in mind that require working with custom code.

✨ You might want more professional-looking site than what an amateur can do.

✨ You want it done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

✨ You have an existing website but aren’t proud of it.✨ You would like a more cohesive and professionally branded online presence.

✨ You need to build a website for your business but have no idea where to begin.

Basically, DIY is for someone that’s only starting up and would use their website as a basic portfolio. And someone that’s serious about their business would first book a call with me. Slots are open for June and July 2024.