If you’re planning to design your Brand New Website or working on redesigning your existing website, here are 6 Website Creation tips that you can implement for a better User Experience and Covnersion:

✅ Choose a good Hosting Platform

I cannot stress how important a good Hosting platform is. I Highly recommend Siteground as I’ve worked on several projects with this and has had no trouble + 100% customer support. What do you use ??


✅ Get Clear on your Website’s Purpose

what is the one or two things you Absolutely want to get from your site, leads, Visitors to book call, buy your digital products, sell Course, etc.. Get clear on this based on which you can move forward with the rest.


✅ Plan your Website Structure

such that you take your website visitors or potential leads through a journey which speaks about you, your work and eventually leads them to TAKE ACTION based on the previous point. .


✅ Have a clear and easy Navigation System / Sitemap planned

which denotes the pages/process with ease and which doesn’t overwhelm your site visitor. .


✅ Keep it Simple

Don’t over complicate your website and try to add everything in the single page, especially if you can create a process and packages which makes it easy for your potential clients. Focus on one site process at a time. .


✅ Stay consistent

Make sure to update your site with current offers, pricing, courses, products, update your portfolio and blog posts on a regular basis.

Which step are you going to focus on this week?