If you’re a service-based business owner, trying to market your offers or packages and trying to get on a call with potential clients to close the deal, then this is for you! What do you after someone reaches out to you to enquire about your services?

Here’s what I do:

1. I usually get enquiries via Messenger / Instagram / Email (or someone who is ready to just start working with me and confident about the package they want, directly schedule a call with me). For those who send me a message or email, I try getting their requirements or ask them to schedule a Free consultation call with me. — Most of them schedule the call (these are the ones who have seen my services, packages, prices on my website and they are happy to move forward but they have few questions to be answered) and — few ask for the price range based on their custom requirements and then schedule. (to be honest, few don’t since they are not ready to invest that much.

2. During the consultation call, I ask for everything that they are looking for, requirements, additional functionalities, deadline, etc. Getting all the details (or atleast most of it) is important.

3. After the call, I convert the about conversation into a DESIGN PROPOSAL (I have a template for this already created. SO i just change the details where required based on the clients project). I always make sure to send this out to my potential client after the Consultation call (mostly for custom packages) that includes: Client Requirements, how I can help them and why I’m the best in this, steps and deliverables, payment details and everything they require to make their decision process easier and smooth to start working with me.

And it’s 99% a HIT!!!

Here’s a List of what you can Include in the Project Proposal for your potential clients:

  1. Title / Cover Page
  2. Client’s Problem / Requirements
  3. Proposed solution / Plan of approach
  4. Deliverables
  5. Timeline
  6. Pricing and Payment Plans
  7. Your Qualifications / Company information
  8. Case Studies and/or Testimonials (optional)
  9. Terms and Conditions
  10. CTA / How to proceed

NOTE: This is not just for designers. If you’re a Copywriter, Virtual assistant, Coach, Ads manager, social media manager, illustrator, art, web developer, etc. you can most definitely use this.

Do you send a Project Proposal to your potential clients after Consultation chat or call?